Online Epsilon/Mu Calculator

Welcome to the home page of - free online service providing conversion of measured S-parameters spectra to complex dielectric permittivity and permeability! 

Using vector network analyzer along with measurement cell (coaxial or waveguide) with specially prepared sample inside it is possible to investigate the material's main electromagnetic parameters (ε, μ) in the microwave frequency range. This website is devoted to online post-processing of measured .s2p-files obtained from a vector network analyzer. The calculated  ε, μ spectra are the main electromagnetic characteristics of the material under study. They are widely used for practical applications related do design of microwave devices, solution of electromagnetic compatibility problems, design of electromagnetic shielding surfaces, microwave absorption etc. 

See the Examples and Tutorial pages before the beginning of calculations. Also the quick start video will help you to use and analyze the calculation results properly.


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