To calculate Epsilon-Mu microwave spectra enter required parameters and press the 'RUN!' button
Choose the type of your measurement cell:
For frequencies up to 18 GHz, 7/3.04 mm airline with N-type connectors is typically used.
Choose the type of your material:
Non-magnetic material means that during calculation Mu=1 is assumed and only complex dielectric permittivity is calculated
Choose algorithm:
NRW is faster, Iterative does not depend on Lpos

Coaxial measurement cell
Enter the sample thickness Ls (in mm):
For example: 2.2
Enter Lc (in mm):
Length of airline cell (distance between calibration planes)
Enter Lpos (in mm):
Distance from Port 1 to the sample (required for NRW algorithm)
Upload S-parameters spectra
Please, add your .s2p file
The typical S-parameters spectra example of PTFE (Ls=4 mm) inside coaxial cell (Lc=34 mm) loacated at Lpos=20 mm is  here.